About Us

We are a group of medical workers and civilians that advocate first aid awareness. Emergencies can happen to us without any warning that is why we need to be equipped with the proper training and skill to rescue a person in need. We firmly believe that first aid is not only the job of medical practitioners but for everyone, as well.

We seek to find out more about first aid and the innovations developed in this field.

We aim to educate people with basic first aid knowledge by sharing helpful tips and easy to follow procedures. We also want to empower people and encourage them to take formal first aid training to make them active participants in this life-saving endeavor.

We support non-profit organizations to promote first aid awareness. We want to multiply the work of organizations, such as the Red Cross, to ensure that we are ready to face any disaster and calamities.

We hope that you join us in this worthy cause. We must always take charge of the health and safety of our families and communities.

First aid saves lives.