Get Involved

Aside from training, you can support the campaign for first aid awareness in your community through other means.


Volunteerism is a significant contributor to rescue activities. Without it, we would not have enough people to perform the important task of keeping us safe. Volunteers give their time and talents, instead of money, to help others in need. They do this selfless act without expecting any return. Organizations, such as the Red Cross, do their humanitarian work through volunteers.

Volunteerism could help fill various positions needed in rescue operations. You can volunteer to serve as an ambulance crew, health shuttle crew, or hospital volunteer. Groups are also welcome to volunteer for disaster preparedness and response activities.

You also support first aid training by spreading information through your social media accounts or by personally talking about it to your families and friends.

There is no big or small effort in volunteering.  The important thing is to stay focus on one goal, and that is to help ensure that our communities are safe and everyone is ready to step up in times of disasters and calamities.


Most organizations involved in first aid work are non-profit. You can support them financially to help them assist more people in the community. You may visit the website of Red Cross, or other non-profit organizations, for more information on how you can donate to support their causes.